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Gateway Nx860xl Won't Boot


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Welcome to the forums aftershock80 :yes:


Can you connect it to a monitor so you can get it booted to change the settings back? Most laptops have a ctrl-key + another key that cycle through the LCD and external monitor. Have you tried that to see if the screen comes back on?

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After thinking a little more there are a few things to try that will not affect the warranty.


Try resetting, some laptops come with a reset button on the bottom, its a little hole and you stick an end of a paperclip in to interrupt the power. If there is no reset then you manually reset it by removing the powercord and the battery.


Try booting into "safemode" by pressing the F4 function key when it first starts. In safe mode you maybe able to set the changes you made back the way it was.


Did you possibly turn the brightness down all the way? Some laptops have special key or they use a combination of keys for this. My HP uses the Function key and the F4 key, they are marked in blue letters in a blue box on the keys.

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