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Manual Virus Checking Isn't Working?

Mrs. Muddled

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Hi guys! Thanks for the birthday wishes.


When I get an attachment in an email that I want to view I always save it to my desktop then right click on it and run my virus checker through it before I open it. So does my husband. Well, all of a sudden that process is not working on my side of the computer. It still works from his desktop. Hmm? How come?

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I called the Shaw Secure guys. We fiddled around with it to no avail. The tech checked further and apparently this is a "known issue." He says I can either reinstall Shaw now (which is a bother) or just wait until there is an update.


Thanks again for your attention.

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Thanks for the tip. AVG is a great program. Used it for many years. :yes: Always did the job well.


Shaw does a good job for us now. They are our cable company. I like dealing with them. This is a glitch associated to "my" desktop, that's all. I'm not concerned about a virus getting in ... it's just that we make a habit of running any attachment we feel is safe to open, through the virus checker a second time before viewing it. Probably redundant ... but, I just wont be opening attachments on my side of the computer til it's functioning again.

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