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The Final Jump

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Evel Knievel passed on today at age 69. I will never forget his attempt at jumping over Snake River Canyon in Idaho, nor his jumping over 13 buses in Wembley Stadium, nor any of his other daredevil stunts shown on ABC's Wide World of Sports. He was (and still is, IMO) an American icon for anyone that grew up in the 70s. I still remember my happiness that Christmas morning when I woke up to see that Santa had left me the Evel Knievel stunt cyle!!! And of course I won't forget the sadness I felt after I broke it. I guess jumping it off the roof of a two-story house wasn't such a good idea after all. Rest in Peace Evel, and give 'em Hell in Heaven!

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Used to look forward to each of his stunts! Definitely a 70's iconic persona!

With everything he did to his poor wracked body, I am surprised he made it to 69!


Loved the really bad movie they did about him in early 70' with George Hamilton portraying him.

Favorite quote from the movie:

Evel Knievel: You stick with me, Doc, and I'll show you the Grand Canyon!

Doc Kincaid: Every man has to make his mark... and yours will be on the North Wall.


Thanks Evel for the entertainment!

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I shall miss him. You're right, he was and still is, IMO, an icon.


Marge in Reno


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Just saw a video of some guy setting a world record distance jump on a motorcycle some 300+ feet, he was really hauling when he whet off the ramp, landed on the biggest landing ramp I've ever seen in my life, looked like a small mountain.


All I could think was...yeah, try that on a Harley with no suspension, a relatively tiny landing ramp with concrete barriers waiting for you at the end.


There will never be another Evel Knievel...a showman, a stuntman, a daredevil, a rebel rouser who would unapologetically beat your a$$ if you spoke ill of him and his family...and a Christian before his death.


RIP...my childhood hero.

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