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I have just set up hosting with TCH and am waiting for my welcome e-mail :) I only included one of my sites, but wouild like to transfer hosting of my other domain to TCH. However when I went to the page to oder it said


Tell us who you are:

I am a new customer.

Add this order to my account.


Can I add it to my account? if so what are my details? Or do I need to create a operate account for each domain? Thanks for any help

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Welcome to the forum, phoenix70. :)


Are these two separate websites with their own domains or is one of the domains only parked on top of the other?


If you want to host 2 or more sites in one account you will need a reseller account or several virtual hosting accounts. You can though have as many domains as you want pointing to the same content, ie parked on top of each other.


So to answer the question, if you have chosen the virtual hosting option you will need to open a second account and I believe you should use the option "Add this order to my account" when you have received the welcome email for the first account.

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Thanks all :) I created another account for the 2nd domain. Just had an e-mail asking


Can you please get back to us with the domain name that you have purchased the hosting for


But I think it was in response to a support ticket that I thought was sorted. I am waiting for my welcome letters :) Do they said the welcome letters and then transfer the sites over? I am in the UK, so know i ordered in the middle of the night for States people :)

Just excited ( and worried) about it all

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