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Looking For Some Clarification On Terms And Whatnot


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So here is a little background on what is going on - Here at work I had our customer resource section of our web page set up with the 4Images gallery system. I had everything updated to the latest version, which was still pretty old, but was supposed to be PHP5 compatible. So in anticipation of TCH upgrading their servers to PHP5, I made sure we were ready to go.


Well, the day came where TCH made their updates, and our resource section no longer worked. :(


So I sent the help ticket and TCH graciously moved our site back to a PHP4 server in order to allow our customers access to our content once again. The problem though is that I now need to find a new resource solution, or content management software that is not only reliable and steady on a PHP5 server, but one that has continuous support as well. These are hard to find with open source programs.


My questions are this - When the website was moved to the new server, the domain has to be propagated of course. Would this cause about ~50% of people in the company to not have access to email or our website? While another ~40% would have access. Then, about 10% would have access to the website, but not have access to their email (TCH in outlook)? Right now I have access to the site itself, but can not retrieve my email in house here, nor can I get on the /webmail section of the site. I can however retrieve the email on my cell phone and out of work (places like home and school).


I'm somewhat confused as to why there is such an intermittance with this. TCH does such a fantastic job with helping out and answering tickets so quickly, I feel bad asking them. If I have so many questions, I can only imagine they have their hands full with others.


I know I kind of rambled around there, but will this all clear up after propagation?


Curious in Wisconsin.





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4images and content management systems (CMS) are two completely separate things.

4images are a a photo album solution as I understand (I have never tried it) while CMS are sort of a "whole site" (some of them are joomla, drupal, xoops). Have you been using 4images together with lets say joomla?


If you are only looking for a php5 compatible photo album I would look into gallery which you can install easily through the fantastico section of your cpanel.


As for propagation, every single one that tries to view a site or use the webmail can have problem with connecting until propagation have ended.

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Ahh I see. Well, i had basically customized our version to supply a lot more than just images. Now I need a new system where I can allow customers access with a username and password. I have not used gallery in a good year now, I am sure they have come up with some great new stuff since.


It's really unfortunate that the development of 4Images has really died for the most part. It really is a quality product.

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Then I would look into joomla. Several people here use it including myself. While it doesn´t contain a photo album feature by default there are several ones you can install to it as an component.


Joomla can also be found in the Fantastico if you want to try it before deciding.

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Your site is coming up fine for me. Have you tried clearing the cache on your machines and router? You are trying to access your domain by name and not IP address correct? Same with email. Since you were moved to another server it would have a different IP.


If the problem persists please open a ticket with the help desk and they will help you determine what is wrong.


Have you run a tracert to your site? Is it resolving to the new server (windu) or the old server you were on?

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I can get to the site from anywhere else too. Just not in the building. I will try to once again reset the router and computers in the building. Tonight we have our site scheduled to go BACK to the PHP5 server where I tested the 4images software again and it worked fine when re-installing and importing the database. Updating it by their recommendations did not work at all.


Traceroute Output

FROM getnet.net TO www.stgeorgepublishing.com.


traceroute to www.stgeorgepublishing.com (, 30 hops max, 40 byte packets

1 216-19-223-119.getnet.net ( 0.051 ms 0.008 ms 0.008 ms

2 phnx-gsr0.getnet.net ( 0.406 ms 0.390 ms 0.376 ms

3 fa0-11.na01.b003026-1.phx02.atlas.cogentco.com ( 1.608 ms 1.594 ms 1.580 ms

4 g0-2.3801.core01.phx02.atlas.cogentco.com ( 1.563 ms 1.549 ms 1.783 ms

5 p6-0.core01.sat01.atlas.cogentco.com ( 19.130 ms * *

6 p6-0.core01.iah01.atlas.cogentco.com ( 56.437 ms 54.648 ms 54.753 ms

7 p13-0.core01.mci01.atlas.cogentco.com ( 38.375 ms 38.182 ms 38.166 ms

8 t3-3.mpd01.mci01.atlas.cogentco.com ( 38.902 ms 39.010 ms 38.995 ms

9 te8-2.ccr02.ord01.atlas.cogentco.com ( 51.098 ms 51.084 ms 51.195 ms

10 vl3491.mpd01.ord03.atlas.cogentco.com ( 51.055 ms * 50.438 ms

11 gi9-0-0.core01.ord03.atlas.cogentco.com ( 49.932 ms 49.917 ms 49.808 ms

12 p1-1.core01.dtw03.atlas.cogentco.com ( 60.051 ms 60.036 ms 59.912 ms

13 FNSI-GW.waveform.net ( 59.502 ms 59.488 ms 59.475 ms

14 FE-4-0-0.core1.sfld.waveform.net ( 59.423 ms 59.408 ms 59.312 ms

15 319facility.core1.troy2.waveform.net ( 59.932 ms 60.421 ms 60.406 ms

16 router2.totalchoicenetworks.com ( 59.811 ms 59.296 ms 59.280 ms

17 windu.tchmachines.com ( 60.907 ms 60.892 ms 60.855 ms

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Well, I unplugged the router for like 5 min, powered back up, went to each machine in the building, cleared browser cache and history, then went to CMD > ipconfig /flushdns for each one and only SOME can view the website and get emails. The others show the "Apache is working on this server" and outlook wont connect...

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Yeah, I really have no idea either. It's the most odd thing I have ever come accross and the part that is really bothering me the most is the employees coming up to me telling me their email is not working.


Yes... I know. Please stop bothering me so I can try and fix this problem.

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Are they trying to use webmail or an email client? If webmail, which one?


Both. As an example... After I flushed the DNS on my machine, I was able to get on the site, use the email through outlook, and log onto thw webmail through the browser.


Now, My outlook no longer connects but I can log onto the webmail client and the website...



EDIT: Now I can not get on the site at all

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