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Running Php As Cron Job


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I found a php script I want to try out to backup mySQL databases (this one does all the databases and tables at once.)


Using cPanel to set up the job (standard method) seems pretty straight forward, but when it ran I got a "No such file or directory" error emailed to me.


I used /home/my-accountname/public_html/cgi-bin/backupDB/backupDB.php?StartBackup=complete&nohtml=1 as the command name. Where the script is located at /home/my-accountname/public_html/cgi-bin/backupDB/


All the directories are set to 755


Does it need to be in the bin directory, not the cgi-bin?

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Thanks, Dick, that gets me one more step along the way.


Is there somewhere I can find docs or syntax for how to set up the commands using cron? I gather the first parameter specifies a php script, but don't know what the -q does... and there might be other important things I should know lest I get myself into big trouble :) I tried searching for this, but didn't have any luck.





That format would work if you were grabbing the URL via wget but not when accessing the file locally.


Try this

>php -q /home/my-accountname/public_html/cgi-bin/backupDB/backupDB.php StartBackup=complete nohtml=1

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