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Coming Back To Tch....


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Hi all,


I had a reseller account here about a year or so ago and only left for an upgrade to a dedicated server with a deal I had worked out with someone else (read: free). So while it was good while it lasted, there was some serious problems at the very end, including a virus that somehow got on the server, all his clients (and all my client sites) were wiped, and in the process I got shuffled around 2 or 3 times, had almost a month of downtime for some clients (NOT GOOD), and have now ended up with someone else on a "dedicated" box (which is also another you-scratch-my-back-I'll-scratch-yours kind of deal). My original contact has now gone out of business. Now, I'm having all sorts of problems with this new box, and to say the least, I'm not happy. The guy claims that the 512 ram installed isn't enough to run cPanel, and cPanel keeps timing out, crashing, and I'm thinking I'm missing out on some of my mail. Now while I would have no real way to know how ram intensive cPanel and WHM is, I just know that I never used to have the problems I have now. Not to mention this guy is stretched thin, and I'm sure I could be very quickly going the way of the Dodo.... so.... I'm ready to get back to some stability.


Am I still welcome back here? ;) It was a tough decision to make to leave and it's been a tough decision to come back (not because I didn't enjoy being with TCH, but because I dread yet ANOTHER move). Is there ANY way I can get my sites setup before we "throw the switch" so that when DNS propigates, none of my clients see any downtime? I'd love to go with a dedicated box but I can't afford the $150 bucks right now (sick horse that I'm having to find $700/mo for medication :shocking: ...) I have several sites in the works that are ready to become very popular community websites and the lack of consistency with my support is disheartening. Don't get me wrong, the guy is very responsive and gets working on problems right away, but that's just the problem, there's been too many problems to have to work on! *sigh* Plus it just sort of scares me not really knowing where my system is, who's controlling it, etc etc.


So anyway, before I purchase a reseller plan, will I be welcomed back? :)

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