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Uploading To Public_html

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I made sure I have uploaded to public_html and none of the other folders. I'm just testing it for now. I have a blank index.html page to get rid of the cpanel page that comes up and also a picture that I uploaded.


I don't have the domain name set up yet so here is the IP


index page should be showing


picture should be showing up


I've used tch before but it has been a year or two since I've had a website and I'm kind of lost. Thanks for your help.

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When you have shared hosting, it means a lot of other users also are hosted at the same IP address. That's why it's necessary to specify your cpanel username if you use the IP address to access your site.


Once you get a domain name set up, you should be able to access your site using your domain name, in which case you would NOT need to include your cpanel username.

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