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Automatic Email Forwarding


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Hi all,


I've got this website where people who run online roleplaying games can post announcements that they are looking for players. It's all done automatically with PHP scripts that I wrote. What happens is, they submit their name, email, web site and announcement, and this information is stored in a MySQL database along with a unique numeric identifier (which I call their "key") assigned to that announcement. A confirmation email is then sent to them containing the "key" and they have to come back to the site and enter the "key" to approve their ad before it appears on the site.


By requiring and checking the email addresses in this way, I get zero spam on the site, which is good. But, the game master's email addresses have to be included as part of their ad so interested players can contact them about joining their games. So basically, the site is full of valid email addresses... a spammer's dream come true.


For every announcement posted, the site generates this "key", along with a randomly generated 15 digit alpha-numeric "code" which is stored in the database. This "key" and this "code" are only valid for 10 days - after 10 days an announcement is deleted from the site and the database.


What I'd like is where their email is displayed on the site, if it said [key]

@my domain .com, but when someone clicked that link to email them, if their real email would come up instead. I have no idea how to make that happen, where to start to looking for such a thing, or if it's even possible. 


Any ideas on where I can start?


Thanks in advance,



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