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Billing Customer Service The Worst I've Ever Seen

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Here's the deal. Last week my credit card got stolen. I canceled the card and got a new one. In the meantime, TCH suspended my account which means, no website, NO EMAIL, no CPANEL access. And the username and password do not work to go into the billing section to update the credit card information.


1) If you are going to suspend someone's account, for whatever reason, it is a good idea to warn them first, so they can take corrective measures.


2) People lose, cancel, or change their credit cards all the time. TCH should have a system in place making it easy to update credit card information, instead of this ridiculous runaround I'm getting now. I've been online with live support for one hour and still have not had any resolution. All the while, our company's website is down and I am not able to access any email. This could all have been avoided with a simple email including a link to update the account information.


I can't imagine how anyone would feel safe continuing to use TCH, after going through what I am going through now, just to be able to get my account activated again.


Elise Bauer

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Bottom line is this.


You have to pay for your hosting account. If you dont pay for your account we take it away.


We send multiple warnings, begging for you to bring your account current. We give you days upon days to pay.


Sorry you lost access to your account, but paying for your hosting is a required step in order to continue to use our product.


In order to get your account reactivated all you have to do is pay your bill.


We provide 24 hour support via chat, telephone, instant messenger.


Have a nice day.

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omg get a clue buddy.


if you dont pay the bill for yer service why do tch host you for free. typical liberal crap.


when you signed up for hosting you should have used a off server email address that way when you stop paying your bills, er excuse me, loose your credit card, when tch sends email to you you will get it and it wont sit in your suspended account.


i have been with tch for a long time and i know when i have a problem i call them, it appears you can find this forum to complain but you were to busy wanting to complain you didnt call someone at tch, like bill kish or hey even the billing department.

i wish you fairwell and hope your new hosting company has better support than tch, cause pfft tch sucks.


i got back to my account that has been online with tch since forever ago and look at the amazing uptime and smile at the four bucks a month i pay.

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