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Emergency Network Maintenance

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We are announcing a emergency window of maintenace on the TCH NOC network. This will effect certain servers within our data center.


The window of maintenance will be from 12am - 3am.


We do expect small periods of downtime within the above window,although we are expecting to be completed with the maint by 1am EST.


We are re-segmenting certain areas of the network thus we will need to reboot our core routers and certain switches.


I will post updates as we move along.


I am only expecting brief 5-10 minute outages as we reboot switches, however we are going with the 3 hour window to allow us time to make all the changes we need.


Thank you.

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The network maintenace has concluded and all resources are now back online and operating as intended. If you encounter any further issues, please submit a help desk ticket and we will promptly investigate.

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