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My Site Is Loading Very Very Slow....

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okie sweety, im just curious why its loading slow on my end ...even 1 of my friends who gets high speed dsl is telling me its loading slow from her ends to..... i do hope the upstream can get it fix...it didnt start this till about a wk ago.... today i had my phone comp do a speed test on my line and its runinng pretty fast, i even had them pull up my site and they said its loads slow on there end....

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im just curious why its loading slow on my end ...even 1 of my friends who gets high speed dsl is telling me its loading slow from her ends to.....


Traveling the Internet is like traveling the highway, there are many different roads you can take to reach a destination...and some may take longer because of construction :thumbup1:


For instance, you live in Atlanta and your data center is in Chicago and there is major construction between you and the data center. You have to drive around the construction which adds an hour to your trip. Now Bill lives in Michigan and has a straight shot to Chicago and has no delay since he doesn't have to drive thru the construction.


The Internet is basically the same, the "path" the data takes to reach Bill or reach you is different and your path is having problems and has to go around it which slows it down. Your friend also has the problem because they live near you and take the same path as you do.

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i understand that but my prob has been diagnosed that its the upstream causing my site to load slow.....and stuff.....also how is this coming, this morning i got age not found and sodid a few of my friends..... its like it coming n going lol....


Your site loads just fine here, I am in Maryland.


The Internet is not controlled by one person/company but a large collection of people and companies. TCH owns and controls the server your website is on and it owns the router which connects you to the "Internet". Another company is responsible for the connection and bandwidth that Bill uses for all of his clients and servers they use. "Upstream" refers to other companies beyond these that come between your computer and your website. If you look at the traceroute you ran for Bill earlier these other companies are the "hops" or different lines in the traceroute. Bill has no control over these, he can only complain to his Internet Provider and they in turn will complain to their "upstream" providers until they reach the one having problems. Sometimes this may take some time, if you are still having problems I suspect it a different occurrance and will need to be reported again.


Do another traceroute and submit a ticket with this information.

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The same here from the UK - the problem that's limiting it ( from a site perspective ) is having 45 images on there which need downloading. You would be better combining some of those into 1.


It's loading as quickly as I'd expect for a site with that many images for me here in Spain :lol2:



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