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Single Server Sale


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While the Head Guru wasn't looking, I built a dedicated server just for this sale. We had some Pentium 4 processors available, so I can offer this server at a steal compared to our standard dedicated server offerings.


The hardware specs on this server:


Unmanaged Dedicated Server

Pentium 4 3.2 Ghz (single core)

800MHz Front Side Bus

Dual NIC’s

2 X Hitatch 160 GB SATA II Hard Drives



You will also get:

2 Dedicated IP Addresses

1600 GB monthly bandwidth allowance

CentOS 5 or your choice of cPanel Compatible Distro

cPanel Included!

ZERO Dollar setup fee

No contract

$99.00 Month


This would be a great server for someone looking to upgrade from their current shared hosting account.


TotalChoice currently provides services to well over 25,000 clients and we host in excess of 40,000 websites! So you can go into this new relationship knowing that TotalChoice will be here to service your needs for many years to come.


Our current upstream providers are Level(3), XO and Cogent. Our Data Center space is located in Troy, Michigan. Our network is fully redundant using BGP routing over our three upstream providers. We use all Cisco products from our core to the edge for the best possible performance. We have a direct allocation from ARIN so our net block is truly ours and does not belonging to a upstream provider.


Ready to Order? Use This Link

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Welcome to the forums ALS <_<


Yep, if you snooze you lose, sorry.



Thanx Thomas and Bruce nice to be here .... I'm hoping I can have a better chance to grab a nice special from you guys something like I missed out on being part of the forums. :lol:

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