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Gallery Vs. Photopost - To Change Or Not?


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Upon moving my site to TCH, I've yet to get my gallery and message board (photopost & vBullitin) transferred over correctly. Maybe transferred isn't right, but they don't work and I don't know why. I've changed the configs. What else is there? I didn't move them, so maybe they weren't moved properly, but just FTP'd - I don't know. It's been a very frustrating 4 months...that's right, 4 months!


I'm considering just deleting all files from the 2 above mentioned, and using gallery and forum available here and starting fresh. At this point, my customers just want SOMETHING! And FAST!


And I should totally mention that I have very sparse knowledge of what I'm doing maintaining a website or installing new scripts.


Opinions please!!!

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Welcome to the forums kinc4 :thumbup:


Did you transfer over the databases when you transferred ? It depends what error you are getting, but the most common problems are due to either the database being missing, or the user created and assigned to the database.


As for starting again, it's certainly the fastest method, but of course you would lose old data - and it depends how much that is, and how important it is to you.

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#1 - thanks for the welcomes! :-)


#2 - I truly don't know if the db's were moved, as I didn't do it myself. How can I know?


We weren't in love with what we had before, and I just need something now that will work. I saved each individual image before moving, so can re-upload - not that THAT will be fun. But doable anyway.


If I were to delete everything in my gallery and forum directories that are on my server now (that are just taking up space at this point), that's not going to mess with anything else, is it? And then to download the scripts offered on Fantastico, will they just automatically go in the right places? I'm hoping a couple of line changes in configs will have me up and running? If it's that easy I'll kiss someone! lol

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If the databases are there ( or you have a backup of them), it should be relatively easy to get the site working again..... You can tell if the database is there already from cpanel - in the Mysql Database section.


If the database is not there, and you don't have a backup - then you will be fine just deleting the none-working gallery and forum - then installing a new copy via fantastico.

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