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Setting Up E-mail, Mac Question

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I have tried last night to set up an e-mail account in the cPanel on a new account (this is a second new account, now 4 accounts at TCH - thanks, Andy, Thomas and Bill in the pre-sales questions), but did not succeed.


I did not really understand the c-Panel video last night. The choices given for Macs are only for Apple's Mail. I don't use Mail, but do use Eudora and gmail on my Mac. I could not get the e-mail setting to work - or at least I sent myself e-mail from the new web site link address to a gmail account that I use and it did not arrive.


Could you direct me to more info - hopefully, someplace phrased in non geek language info ;) ?

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Do you have the email address created in cPanel that you intend to use? And can you send email using Horde or Squirrelmail to your GMail account? Once you have that working it should be a snap to add the address to Eudora to use. You would add it just as you added your ISP email account information.


Your pop and smtp server will be mail.your-TCH-domain.ext


To send mail through your TCH account you need to authenticate yourself. Not sure how Eudora sets this up but there should be a setting for that or a POP before send setting. If the email will not go, it could be your ISP is blocking port 25. If so change the SMTP port to 26 and give that a try.


To retrieve mail using POP requires your full email address and password.



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Thank you. I did what you wrote in the first paragraph and then forwarded it to an address I have and it worked. As for the rest, I'll tend with that another day (I don't really understand pop/smtp....)


For now, there's a push on getting the web site, lightsoutsb.org, fully functioning. Glad I stayed with TCH, btw!!!!!!

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