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Font Color, Type & Size Change Script


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Well,... Since this is the "Looking for......" Thread and I'm looking for something,... Hopefully this is the right spot for this.



I'm really new to this whole new world and i'm sure this question has been asked a million times. I've tried searching but i just don't even know what it is i'm looking for. I'm looking for a script i'm guessing unless Frontpage can do this, that will allow a visitor to look at an example the page and then change the type of font being used in that example, I'd also like for them to be able to change the size and the color of it also.


While doing searches i actually found a site that has this ability and this is exactly what i need.


The website that I found is:



This is exactly the same way i would like my visitors to be able to do.


This is going to be for a Greetings Card Shop and I would like for them to be able to type in what they want the card to say, What font they want to use, It's size and the color.


Could someone please help me with this?

If you happen to know the direct link to the script i'm looking for that would be even better. Some people just give the name of something and it turns out that there are 50 other scripts with that name. Thats how i found that site, Again someone just said look for a font changer but that as you can see hasnt helped me one bit. So if you have the direct link i would be more than happy to try the script out you suggest.


Thanks again.

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Can´t give any recommendations on a script to use, but the script used on the site you link are from javascript.internet.com so I would begin to look there.


Hmm,.. That site doesnt work. http://www.javascript.internet.com/

I wonder what the name of it might be and then i could do another search. How did you find that info out and did it give the name of the script by chance?


Thanks for posting.

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Try it without the www.


Found the link through the page source code.



Did it show the name of the script or the name of the person who wrote it? Maybe i can find it that way..


If you had to guess,... What name would you think that script on that page would be called?


I know that it really could be anything,... But what would you name it by chance and i'll try different variances of it.

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