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Rebuilding Website, Don't Know Where To Start.


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Okay, here's the deal, I started out using php-nuke a few years ago but later switched over to just html with phpbb forums. Now I'm finding that not only can I not keep up with all of the html pages, and everytime I make a change on one page, I have to go in and edit all of them (a lot), on top of that phpbb keeps giving me major headaches with their upgrades making my forums go wonky. So now I'm just contemplating going back to php-nuke, the problem is I have little control over the look in comparison to html and these websites get hacked frequently.


Does anyone have any ideas for an alternative?


Basically I'm looking at have features similar to phpnuke like the topics that users can sumbit/comment, link building, membership to view certain areas of the website, and the ability to incorporate stable forums.

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Try Geeklog - again a fantastico install. This has to be one of the best out there. The photo gallery is exceptional and the forum that is integrated with it is nice. Give it a try.


See my site if you want to see how it works. Lee's Fishing Page

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