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Smf Mod Problems

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I have the 1.1.3 version of Simple Machine Forums on one of my sites and I installed the Karma Description Mod through the program's package manager. All the tests were successful and it seemed to go smoothly, but the mod wasn't working even though it said it was active.


So I uninstalled it and reinstalled, and now when I click on applaud or smite, I get the error, "Unable to load the 'main' template" Trying to uninstall now gives me a warning regarding my karma.php file.


Does anyone have some advice for a mostly php-ignorant user? :group:


Many thanks!

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Thanks Thomas :tchrocks: I had tried uploading my backup copy of the file but that didn't fix it, but once I got a clean copy it was ok. The mod still isn't working, but at least I'm not getting errors anymore. :D I'm working with people on the SMF boards for my current issue because it seems to be a known problem.

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I'm afraid I gave up :blush: The help that was given on the SMF thread was, I'm sure, quite logical and accurate. However, it was over my head. :ph34r:


Obviously there's something wrong with the mod and how it works with the latest version. I don't think installing it manually as they suggest is going to solve the problem - every component of the installation showed successful, and the options are in the admin section - there just aren't any descriptions by the check boxes to know what to enable. :D I'll have to keep an eye out for an updated version.

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