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Is There A Css "wysiwyg" Software Program For Neopyhtes?

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I have a large (to me) unwieldy website that has a lot of information and graphics ( www.gentlemenoffortune.com ) and I am lazy about updating it as my webskills are lacking and don't really have the time to dedicate learning new software first then updating my site second.


The Warden, aka "my wife," only allows a little bit of time off for good behavior per week, so I want to maximize my returns on my "free time".


A lot of folks that have seen my site say, "you would be better off using CSS", as right now I am using Front Page (for which, I just know enough to make myself dangerous).


Is there a WYSIWYG program for creating CSS websites?


I really need some hand holding with this as most programs and tutorials seem to think I am smarter than I really am. :potofgold:


Any help would be appreciated.


Thanks, in advance


Greg aka GOF

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