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Iframes - How To Get Sationary)


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From what you have said, I am guessing they are in a table or a layer where the width is a % of the screen. You will either need to use a static amount or use absolute positioning with CSS. Iframes is not really recommended now with CSS around.



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You could use transparent spacer gifs in the columns to the left of it to stop the left column collapsing.

Then use relative attributes and the rest of your page will Dance about and the I-frame won't have any where to go.

Takes some experimenting though.


jimuni's right tho,

I gave up using I-frames in my on going quest for ultimate accessibility after realising netscape doesn't like relatively sized I-frames.

Sometimes design can overlook functionality and you end up with a site thats pure eye candy and has no real content or purpose.

Check out




for a browser compatibilty check first and see if enough of your visitors can use your site.

Look at TCH site, simple, functional and oh how popular.


I'd sacrifice one "mmm nice site" email for a thousand hits with no complaints.


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I have an iframes page feel free to check out the source code =) it may help ya out. if you'd like I can send in the main iframe code

http://dollicious.com/Magenta3/index.html :)

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