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It's Official: Apple Is The New Microsoft


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Just wanted to share an interesting article I came across and the response to it.


note: the orginal was first published on Computerworld


It's official: Apple is the new Microsoft



Why Apple isn't the new Microsoft


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Thanks Dick, very interesting articles and lots of information to think about. One comparison I didn't see was the Virus/hacker side of the business. I've seen a few articles about a virus being written for the iPod and not the others and also there was a big national news story recently about a kid who hacked the iPod so it would work overseas with AT&T service. You only get this kind of attention when your the "Microsoft Bully".

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More interesting facts....


3rd QTR 2007 Apple sold more Mac PC's than any other quarter in the companies history.


Apple recorded nearly 820 million US Dollars in PROFIT.


270,000 iPhones were sold in the first 30 hours of the iPhone launch.


Apple has taken 14% of the laptop market.


Way to go Apple.



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