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Google Blogger "new Easy Webpage Designer."

Mrs. Muddled

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I was fiddling with my blog last night and tripped over some info on the new, supposedly "easy" webpages Google Blogger is designing (sigh, how many times I've seen that word - I know they're lying in their teeth). It looked rather appealing. I am wondering if anyone over here has had any experience with the process yet.


Google Blogger also has this new blog setup that lets bloggers drag and drop various bits and pieces in and around their blog. Unfortunately the new process does not work if one has a set up like I do - where I actually publish through TCH. Bummer. :group:


Now I've got to figure out how to organize the mess I've made of my archives. Gaaaad, it's so frustrating! I've found some directions on "how" to organize everything into labels. Of course it means moving all that bloody code around, so I'm already intimidated.



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Oh Bruce! Have you already forgotten my aborted attempt to set up my website on Wordpress?!!! It was so over my head. Fact is: If I ever want a real website, I will have to hire someone to make it for me. I just get overwhelmed with the whole HTML thing. It's like learning Cantonese for me. I just can't get a grasp on it. :wacko:

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