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F-secure Unable To View Mozilla/firefox Files - Why?

Mrs. Muddled

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I am curious. When I view the daily report my Shaw f-secure leaves for me after scanning my computer, there are at least 10 Mozilla Firefox files that f-secure cannot open.


Shaw will tell me that it's nothing to fret about - but this gathering of Firefox "closed" files is new and I would like to know why they can't be opened and examined by f-secure.


I can provide you with a list of the files if it would help with your reply. This is one of the 10 files in today's report. The dashes were put there by me to replace a number.



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Hi Dick!


No, nothing is running during the scan except Shaw Secure. It runs at dawn.


Having said that - there are no obvious programs running, but I just turn off the screen at night. Firefox is definitely not running. Anything that boots up and runs in the background is still running I suppose.


I find it curious that it has only recently started listing these cached files.


I use both Firefox and IE.

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