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Delays in Welcome Emails....

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For the most part, I have been happy with TotalChoice as a host, but I do not understand why it takes so long to get a welcome email with my account information every time I sign up a new domain.


I quote from the signup e-mail:


> Q: I paid by credit card. When will my account info arrive?

> A: Within 6-24 hours, you will receive an email from our Order Processing Team that contains login information for

> your Site and control panel for your TotalChoice Hosting account.


Each time I sign up a new domain, I end up waiting 72-96 hours, and then I call the billing department in frustration. I have now passed hour 100 for my newest domain.




> Our billing department will be contacting you via telephone to verify your order. This is done in an effort to reduce

> credit card fraud. If we are unable to voice verify your order we will suspend services provided to you and refund

> the credit card charges.


TotalChoice, I am here, waiting for your call! Take my money, please!


PLEASE revise the above statement(s) in your signup e-mail template to reflect actual wait times. Otherwise, you end up looking bad (I am sure you don't intend to lie to your customers), and I end up looking bad with my clients since I can't give them an accurate assessment of when their site will go up.


Thank you.

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Welcome to the forum, Cloudbather. :)


I am sorry for the problems, but have you checked your spam/junk folders etc for this email? Some email services tends to sort these emails a bit weird.


You can always submit a ticket to the helpdesk (billing dept) and ask how it goes with the set up of the new domain etc.

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I am sorry you are having trouble getting this account activated.


We left a message at the number provided at 11:15 AM EST the same day as the order (08/30/07), but that call was only returned today. Had you ordered this under your existing account it would have been activated without need for verification, since it was a new account under a different name it needed to be verified. Now that we know you are a existing customer the billing department will process your account before days end.



If you need any other assistance with your new account you can contact us via the helpdesk at https://tchhelp.com

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