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Please Include My Computer Help Website

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Hi all,


Your URL: http://novice2expert.com - please link to me with the anchor text, "Computer Help".


Brief description: Novice2Expert.com is a website entirely dedicated to providing Windows XP, Windows Vista and general computer help; as well as technology news and reviews.


Category: Blog


The link back to TCH is located here: Links of Interest


I hope I covered everything. I look forward to being reviewed by TCH! Thank you for reading. :tchrocks:thumbup1.gif




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The site has been added to the blogs section. :(

Please verify that it looks/works as expected.


Also, this "Links of Interest page" are not too easy to find at the moment unless the visitor knows he/she should click the "Sitemap" link first, so I would like to recommend you to link to the "Links of interest" from your homepage. That way both the visitor have even more easily found content to read and and the risk that we remove your link (because we can´t find it) in a future cleanup will be minimal. :)

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Hi Thomas,


Thank you very much for adding another of my sites! I love TCH.


Also, The link is now accessible from the homepage. I was meant to do it before but completely forgot - sorry! :(

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