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What Happened To Spam Assassin?

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In previous versions of cPanel, spam assassin would mark spams as *****SPAM***** and I could create a rule (in Outlook Express) to delete messages that had *****SPAM***** in the subject. Yesterday spam assassin began labelling spam with four asterisks instead of five so I created a new rule for that... no problem there. But this morning there were no labels on the spam messages at all (with any amount of asterisks) and they all (and I mean ALL!!!) ended up in my inbox.


I went to cPanel and my spam assasin is enabled (setting = 5). Spam box is set to disabled. Should I enable it? I'd rather everything got deleted and not put into a spam box that I have to worry about emptying. Is there anything else I need to do? New spams are coming in fast and furiious. :(

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I'll piggyback in this thread, as I've noticed the same thing. More so, in fact, because with the previous version I'd been able to customize the spam flag in the subject line to be [sPAM], rather than have the multiple asterisks. That customization seems to have disappeared. :( At some point, SpamAssassin got disabled, so I had to re-enable it. And (and I don't know that it's related, but it's been happening in the same time frame) emails from one specific mailing list are bouncing, which lead the list-owner to first unsubscribe me, and now put me on daily digest so his in-box isn't filling with my rejects.


Any ideas?



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Not sure, but I trust Spam Assassin enough to just delete the messages as it passes through it. Using the filtering in cPanel I have it set to check for Spam Status begins with Yes to be sent to folder /dev/null


You could always submit a ticket with the help desk to have a look. I'm pretty sure with the new cPanel there have been changes to Spam Assassin as well.

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