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Installing Vbulletin


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I'm in the process of configuring vBulletin right now, and the config.php file is asking for a database name.

Do I just create a regular database for it in mySQL, or are there special settings for it in particular?


I may have more questions as I continue the process.


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You'll need to create a database in cPanel, create a user, and assign the user to that database.


You'll end up with something like account_vbforum and account_vbuser database and username (whatever you end up calling the database and username preceeded by your accountname and an underscore).


Database host is localhost.


That should cover what you need (along with the password you assigned to the database user) for the database part of the vB configuration.


In short though, yes, you just create a regular database in MySQL for it.

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Thanks MikeJ,


It is also now asking for my username and password, I know what they are, but I dont know where to edit in the config.php file. Here is where I'm suppose to edit it in:


$config['MasterServer']['username'] = 'root';

$config['MasterServer']['password'] = '';


I'm pretty sure you just change "root" to my username, but I don't know where exactly to type the password, is it suppose to be in between the " and the ;


EDIT = Nevermind, it looked like a quote mark at first but it was really two smaller apostrophes

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Everything is working fine now, but I encountered a new problem, I wanted to download some vBulletin plugins, that bridge between it and wordpress:





But they both require vBulletin and Wordpress to be on the SAME database. So is it possible to somehow merge the two? Or move one of its contents to the other? What would the procedure be for this?

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While I haven´t bridged WP and vBullentin, usually you will only need to add both databases users to the other database and then run a bridge script, so in this case:


Add WP database user to vBulletins database


and vBulletins database user to the WP database


then run any eventual script that came with the bridge.

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I was able to find a much easier solution to my problem, I can just use my category RSS feeds to get the posts where I want them in the forum, so I don't really need the bridges right now, and I won't have to mess with my databases, users, etc.


Thanks again for the help, though

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