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Old Member, New Account For Friend's Business


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After more than a year trying to convince a company that they should move to Total Choice Hosting, they finally did. :)

Being non-technical folk, they asked me to do the work to set them up and move the site.

Turns out, they had a sticky situation. At one point, I was sure I would have to cancel the brand-new account and move it.


But thankfully TCH staff got involved with a resolution I did not expect!

I have to say a very big THANK YOU to Dick!!! WOW! :)


There are a lot of companies that host websites. None that I have dealt with have matched the support and assistance that TCH offers. I highly recommend this place to anyone that talks of websites.


In fact, within the next two weeks, I will be getting yet ANOTHER account for the company that is next door to where I work! They have been with the same host since 1997 and the site has not been updated since 1998! We are trying to clean up a domain issue (lost password, main contact on domain can not be reached-left company YEARS AGO!) before we move to TCH and begin a new era for that company. At least I can rest assured that account will have a smooth transition.

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