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Hi, all-


I've been pretty darned happy with TCH for a few years now for my personal site. Over time, I've referred a couple of small-time web design customers to you, and they all get a great deal and are happy with their service.


As my skill set increases, and as I pull down more "big-time" clients, I find myself working a lot more on sites for others. Some of my work I do from home, which doesn't present much of a security problem as I control my firewalls and take other precautions. However, recently I've found myself doing a lot more work from coffeeshops on unsecured wireless networks.


I recognize and agree with TCH's decision not to support SFTP or WebDAV. But does anybody have any other suggestions for a way of securely uploading files to TCH? I can securely upload through the Cpanel File Manager, but I do a lot of site-wide edits using Dreamweaver, which means big uploads of many files at once.


Worst-case scenario, I can set up a VPN server at home and tunnel in. I'd rather not have to do that, though. Any creative ideas? I'm OK sending credentials for my personal site in cleartext, but doing so with paying customers is a bit harder for me to justify.

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Welcome to the forums ZPWeeks :)

You could zip up a group of files,

upload via secure cpanel file manager

extract the zip file.

This a very fast way of uploading a lot of files including preserving the folder structure in the zip files.

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