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Livewriter Worked.... Now It Doesn't


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Here's an odd one. I used to write my blog entries for my multiple WordPress installs in Windows LiveWriter beta, but eventually switched to BlogDesk for its streamlined interface and speed.


Now I've got a new blogger working with me. He wanted to use LiveWriter, and damned if we couldn't get Windows LiveWriter working. He couldn't configure it, and I even downloaded the new version (which used all my old files and settings just fine), and I couldn't even get that to work with the same blogs it used to post to just fine.


Of course, in that six months since I ditched it, LiveWriter and Wordpress have both been upgraded, but honestly, both *should* work with each other (my blogger used the current version of LiveWriter with a Wordpress.com blog).


I get a "400" Error, and I've played around with the settings enough that I don't think I'm missing anything obvious.


Any ideas? Guesses? Communications from the dead?




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A 400 error is a bad request.


If I remember correctly LiveWriter uses the .NET Framework. Make sure you have the latest.


I only briefly played with LiveWriter a long time ago. I either use the WP admin interface to blog or BlogDesk.



Thanks. I too prefer BlogDesk, but you gotta make allowances for the rare deviant... 8-)


Believe I have the latest version of the .net framework. The hunt continues...

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