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After spending some time trying to get the hang of the new file manager in the new CPanel. I thought I was in the wrong account when I first logged into my CPanel last night because of the new look, I gave up and submitted a help ticket. It was then I learned you kept the old file manager and have it under Legacy File Manager. I just want to say how grateful I am that you kept the old file manager. I love the old file manager and thought I was never going to be able to edit my files because I just couldn't get the hang of the new CPanel file manager.


I have to say though the new file manager looks really cool and spiffy, it's just not for me.


So thank you so, so much for keeping the old file manager. Has a new look, but the familiarity is still there.



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I was happy to see that the old file manager was still there too. I'm sure that the new one is great, and I'll start using it too, but this weekend, I had a lot of edits to do on a couple of sites, and I was getting used to a new computer that I installed Friday night. All those changes at once was a little too much. :)


There are a lot things that I really like about the new cPanel. Thank you Total Choice!!!!

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Just some notes for any one that hasn't explored the new file manager.


Things I don't like and will be submitting to cPanel as feature/bug requests:

-No link to preview file via actual URL

-Lack of trashbin

-A file created with no extension or an unknown extension is not immediately displayed in the list of files

-HTML editor will only open html files (not that bad but a bit annoying for some)


Features that I like:

-Search option

-Better folder navigation using the tree directory(left pane)

-You can right click on a file or folder for a list of actions

-Ability to compress files

-Ability to download files

-Code Editor with actual line numbers

-Ability to rename files and change permissions via AJAX


Edit options:

Edit - very simple(think notepad)

Code Editor - provides line numbers and syntax highlighting for most scripts

HTML Editor - simple wysiwyg with design and code view


Overall the new file manager is great and I'm sure with some gently prodding cPanel can make it ever better.

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