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Hey everyone, I know that this topic has probably been address multiple times but I did try to search first before posting and I just wasn't able to find anything that still works (i.e. not outdated responses).


I'm recently engaged and wanted to create a wedding website myself. I'm looking for something free that I can use as an online RSVP form that will email me the response information when someone submits it. I didn't think this should be be difficult but I'm not technical enough to start creating a PHP script myself. Basically I would want:


Name (free text field)

Are you planning to attend? (yes or no radio buttons)

Number of guests? (free text field)

email address (free text field)


upon submission, the user would be taken directly to my thank you page (thanks.html). I've found something close but it has ads in it and it diverts people to another URL after they submit the information which I would prefer to avoid.


Any suggestions or links to previous threads that I missed that would help me out?


Thanks very much in advance!


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