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Cpanel 11 Upgrade


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We are pleased to announce that all TotalChoice shared and reseller servers are now upgraded to cPanel 11. We are very exited about this new release as it moves us one step closer to completing other projects such as PHP/MySQL 5.


All accounts have been migrated to the new theme to take advantage of the new features and the most notably change you will see is the new AJAX based interface for the cPanel theme. This AJAX based interface is also carried over to the new File Manager for easier navigation and editing. Some of the other notable features are the integrated help/wizards, user level email filtering(multiple actions), web disk, and the Perl module/Pear package installers.



If you are receiving an error when accessing cPanel you are most likely using a direct bookmark to an old them. You will need to access your cPanel at:





Dedicated customers may contact the help desk if you would like us to complete this upgrade for you.


Enjoy and if you have any concerns or issues due to the changes please contact us via the help desk at https://tchhelp.com

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