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Php 5.2 Upgrade Plans?


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Zen Cart has just announced that they will be requireing PHP 5.2 next year for upgrades. :tongue_ss:



Zen Cart will be adopting PHP 5.2 as its minimum requirement effective with the v1.4.0 release, or on Feb 5, 2008, whichever comes first.




1. PHP has announced that PHP 4 will no longer be supported as of the end of year 2007. Ref: http://www.php.net/index.php#2007-07-13-1


What might be TCH's plans for a PHP upgrade? (we may need to prep a live cart for this)

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Please see this post --> End Of Life For Php 4


Hi Dick

that post doesn't appear to exist (I get an error "some required files are missing").


Given that there are 3 1/2 months left till the end of 2007 and what seems like the end of php4 support, I'd like to start preparing for my own migration to php5 (and headaches no doubt) and maybe its time for TCH to be publicly preparing customers for this change. I'm guessing that there are discussions and planning going on behind the scenes now, given the security implications when php4 is not supported.




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It's there, try the link again.


PHP5 is coming. Please no more threads asking when PHP5 will be available. When it is ready to be rolled out it will be announced in the forums.


Make sure you subscribe to the Latest Hosting News and the Support Announcement forums and you will not miss the announcement.


Also, the Latest Hosting News is on the TotalChoice Hosting home page and updated as new threads are created.

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