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Cpanel - Autoresponder Question


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I am trying to get email set up for a new customer.


I have a list of corporate email addresses which I have installed, and I have set them all to forward to a specific address in the same domain for start up activities.


I want to add an autoresponder to each of these addresses as well, the forwarder seems to be working, however the autoresponder does not seem to be working.


Desired functionality is

A. Someone emails to one of the corporate addresses

B. Email is forwarded to the designated address

C. Autoresponder sends custom reply for that address to originator of the original email


Do these two functions interact ? I don't want to keep banging my head against the wall if it plain don't work. :thumbup1:


Thanks in advance

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First, are you just creating forwards or are you creating actual email accounts? If you are just creating a forward I do not think you can create an auto-responder for it (I could be wrong).


But, the quickest way to find out is to create another email account without a forward and create an auto-responder for it. If that works then yes, if you are forwarding and email you can't use an auto-responder.

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