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Please Include My Site! :)


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Hi all,


Your URL: http://www.projectego.net/ - please link to me with the anchor text, "Fable 2".


Brief description: Project Ego is a site entirely dedicated to bringing RPG gaming fans the latest news regarding Fable and Fable 2 for the Xbox 360.


Category: Blog


The link back to TCH is located here: Fable 2 Links


I hope I covered everything. I look forward to being reviewed by TCH! Thank you for readin. :thumbup1:





Edit: Just curious now, would it be okay to include a linkback to TCH in a blog post for my other sites? Or would that not be acceptable?

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The site has been added to the blogs section. :thumbup1:

Please verify that it looks/works as expected.


As for your question...

I am not sure I understand what you mean but the site you submit to be included in to the family pages must have the backlink.

Apart from that you can link to us as many times you want, from anywhere you want. :)

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Hi Thomas,


Thank you for adding my site! :thumbup1: I do however have one question: Would you mind re-listing my site under 'Personal Sites'? I want to be listed on the main Web-hosting family page, please. I hope it's no trouble.


And I meant would it be okay if I just wrote about TCH in a blog post and included in a link. Would that still allow for my other site(s) to be included?


Thanks again! :)



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Each individual site would need to be hosted on TCH and provide a backlink to TCH to get listed in the family pages.

Though discussing TCH and linking back from the blog is appreciated, it does not qualify the other sites for the family pages.

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