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Wordpress Widgets

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I use them.


Currently using a widget for:

recent posts

recent comments


widget for showing an rss feed


meta stuff

4 text widgets for inserting flickr stuff, time and links (couldn´t find separate widgets for it)



I´ll be back for that. B)

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Widgets, yes, I use them. Won't use a non-widget theme anymore! B)


Easy Tube


Recent Comments (I've modified)

Recent Posts (I've modified)





I have written wrappers for several other plugins I use.

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Here is what I would like to have...


Currently I know I can write (let´s say) happy birthday posts in advance and the blog will publish it on the day I have set.

Also, I have and have had an upcoming events list in the sidebar.


What I would like to do is to write this only once, in the upcoming events list. Then on the event day, the upcoming events list also publish the event as a "normal" post with perhaps a little more info than in the upcoming event list.

Sort of an combined upcoming events list and wordpress normal post procedure. Does it make sense? B) :tchrocks:

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