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Pop3 - Netscape

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I never tried, until now, to use my Netscape (7.01) email client for my domain email. SMTP I will leave set as my ISP as Netscape doesn't like multiple outgoing servers. No problem there.


Problem is the POP3 setting. According to my welcome email that setting should be




but when I try to login to retrieve the mail I get :


The PASS command did not succeed. Mail server mail.boxturt.com responded: Username/Password Mismatch perhaps mynewaccount@boxturt.com?


Yes, the user name and password DO match.....lol


All my other settings are correct, best I can tell. I tried using variations as well:

pop.boxturt.com, pop.mail.boxturt.com, etc.....


What did I miss?

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I used ' username '. I see it needs to be username@boxturt.com


just like it is when I login through cpanel on any email but the primary account.

Duh me. I hate it when I do stupid stuff like that .



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