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Is This A Good Way To Build A Site?


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I'm in the process of building a site for my new business,

from past experience I discovered that changing an aspect such as the meta tags in every page can be a pain.

So I figured this time I'd do this;

><HTML lang="en-gb">


<!--#include file="head.shtml" -->	


<BODY link="#006699" vlink="#006699" alink="#006699">

<!--#include file="header.shtml" -->

Page content goes here!

<!--#include file="footer.shtml" -->



and also have a seperate style sheet with my formatting.


But, are there any disadvantages to using SSI this much or am doing the right thing.

I figured you guys have way more experience so I'd ask your proffessional opinions.


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I do the same with aspects of my site, but instead of SSI I like to use PHP includes. I haven't found any big advantages one over the other myself, it's more to the level of which to you like better regular vanilla ice cream or french vanilla ice cream. :)


On a technical side, I don't see where this would cause any problems, and it is a bit of a time saver in my own experiances with it.

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I use a similar idea, but I use PHP, which I find much more versatile.


When it comes to Search Engine Optimisation, you don't want all your meta tags to be the same, but I usually use PHP to default the title and first header to be the same, and for this to also be the first part of the meta tags.



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So am I best to use the description and keyword tags to describe the page not the site?

Are any of these tags useful?


<META name="reply-to" content="info@citycameras.co.uk">

<META name="Rating" content="General">

<META name="distribution" content="Global">

<META name="Classification" content="Shopping">

<META name="Author" content="Nathanael & Alex Owen">

<META name="Copyright" content="©2003DigiruntDesigns">



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Yes, the description and keyword tags should be for the page, not the site.


As to the other tags you list, personally I do nnot find them of much value. I tend to put a copyright statement on the page anyway, along with an emal link.


For Search Engine Optimisation, have a look at the Total Choice Web Hosting Help Site http://totalchoicehosting.com/help/searche...henginepage.htm



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If you're beginning web designer why not look at a tool like Macromedia Dreamweaver MX? It accomplishes what you're looking for in a way that's very easy to understand graphically. In DW MX you use templates to standardize site layout. A template defines a largely immutable page design with sections such as the textual content and title of the page that can be filled in by you or another user. And it's fully PHP compatible (even has PHP code coloring and a PHP reference built in).


Many people at this point will say, "I only use <insert manly text editor here>!" To that I say so did I...until 1998! Actually, I still do a majority of my design in Dreamweaver's code view. You just can't beat human efficiency for properly optimizing some of the naive things graphical web editors do to HTML. :D


However, when it comes to speed and enabling uniformity tools like Dreamweaver rapidly accelerate web site development once you become adept at using them. And you can't beat the power of Contribute for collaborative web development.

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I actually use Frontpage XP.

I know it is very flawed but I don't really let it do anything, I don't use its templates, I don't let it do any formatting and I certainly don't use those horrible FP extensions.

I simply use it for the quick HTML edit and preview funtion and creating bare bones tables that I then repair and take out all the FP rubbish.


It sound laborious but I've got it down to a fine art and thats why I've stuck with it.


My latest page shows no resemblance to a normal FP page but only took me one evening to make and is W3 valid for HTML & CSS, bobby AAA and backwards compatible to text view.

Mostly thanks to AndyB watching over me.



I have actually got Dreamweaver installed but I never really use it because I'm going backward with web desin at the moment and concentrating more on content, accessibility and functionality than I am on fancy scripts and effects.


I tried Adobe Go live as well and couldn't stand it as it was very slow and cluttered with rubbish I'd never use.

At least FP loads instantly.


Software I use as well as Fp is;


Photoshop 7

Photoshop Elements 2


Advanced Replacer

HTML Batch editor


Web Notepad

VB Dir to HTML

Convert doc

CSE HTML Validator pro

Cute HTML editor

Cute FTP


Directory lister



And of course Winamp for motivation :D Dance


As well as a host of online tools for validation and error checking.


Thanks for everyones advice.




Rock Sign

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I admit to using the Macromedia Suite of Fireworks MX, Flash MX, Dreamweaver MX and also things like Photoshop but nothing beats windows good old Notepad.


As a side note, contribute is great unless your using DIV tags or anything beyound what you would do in horrible FP in which case it becomes rather usless.



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In fact, the point of Contribute is to limit what your users can do to your pages. It is more a content management tool than a content creation tool (except that you can create new pages based on templates). :D

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but nothing beats windows good old Notepad.

... except perhaps good old Unix (Linux) vi !

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Along the lines of Including repetitive parts of your page, visit PHP 101, where I've pinned some great threads contributed by many TCH members.



Where is PHP 101? I need to find it!

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I believe Jack was refrering to the threads that he and Jim Uni created to help others learn the basics of php include to simplify buliding large sites by hand.


Try the mini php turtorials from Total Choice hosting.

php mini tutorial by Jim Uni

and php mini part one tutorial by Surfire


You will find many good tutorials and tips in the Client Written Tutorials

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