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Widgets Causing Validation Errors <li> And <ul>


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I just created one of my very favorite themes I have made to date. The problem is that I am getting so many validation errors, it is making me bonkers.


How it is SUPPOSED to look is: www.lauralohr.com/laura, except the nav bar/menu bar should be displaying UNDER the header image.


I validated my live site: www.lauralohr.com down to 16 errors (WHOO HOO! Down from 41 errors!), but as you can see, the container, page, EVERYTHING is all messed up when I use valid code.


So, two problems:


1. How do I validate the <ul> <li> </ul> </li> errors in the widgets. (I am clueless how to resolve this!)


2. How do I make the menu bar/nav bar display correctly. My CSS appears to be valid, except for a parsing error that I cannot figure out.



Can anyone help? Your wisdom is greatly appreciated!

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