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boll (should have followed poll - but the whole list didn't load for me, so I was too late... still... and "hurl" fits into this nicely too :) )


(I find it funny that in an election year, a word like poll (as used above) can, in this game, next be associated with "boll", which is related to "boll weevil". A "boll" is a rounded seed vessel or pod of a plant, as of flax or cotton, while a "boll weevil" has dual meanings: 1) a snout beetle, that attacks the bolls of cotton or 2) (informal - especially in the U.S. Congress) a Southern Democrat with conservative views who often votes with the Republicans as part of a Southern or conservative power bloc. :) So often, it seems, politicians can be linked to various destructive bugs... My favorite is the very word "Politics" which I've heard as jokingly defined as "poli (poly)" meaning "many" and "tics (ticks)" meaning "any of numerous small bloodsucking arachnids"... :) . My apologies to any politicians reading this. And sure, poli => poly and tics => ticks is a stretch, but it works...)

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