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Imap Path Prefix

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I'm using my iPhone to connect to my TCH hosted email account and I've got it setup to see my inbox just fine. But I'd like to be able to see my other folders in my account.


According to this: http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=305717 , I need an IMAP Path Prefix. Where can I get that? And if someone knows it, can they just post it here?



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When you say "other folders in my account" I assume you are talking about sent items etc. in one email account, rather than other email accounts under your domain.


Try logging into SquirrelMail and subscribing to all the relevant folders, then connecting. IMAP should be able to see them all.

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I'm working on the same issue with my iPhone. Currently my IMAP account only shows the "Inbox" for each account. Tried logging into squirrel mail, but I get a blank white screen that says "No Input file specified." Any advice? Thanks in advance.



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The support team was quickly able to provide me with a workaround for accessing Squirrel Mail. Thanks guys!


Following that, I did "subscribe" to a few of my sub-folders, deleted the Mail account on my iPhone, then added it back in. Still only seeing my "Inbox" and "Trash".


Is this article relevent? It seems to address my issue exactly.



Thanks in advance!

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:) Lovely. That did the trick. Thanks so much for your help.


If it's not too much to ask, do you know if any of these mailboxes can be deleted? For instance right now I see "Trash", "Deleted Messages", "INBOX_Trash", and yet another "Trash". A bit confusing. Any advice or direction would be greatly appreciated.


Best Regards

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In Squirrel Mail I unsubscribed to all mailboxes before entering "INBOX" as the IMAP Path. All sub folders are shown by default. No biggie. I've deleted as many of the sub-folders as I could (that were empty), and did NOT delete "INBOX_Trash" per TCH request. Cannot delete the following folders...


1. cppop

- cache

- msgs

2. mailboxlist

3. Trash


All I want is...

1. Drafts

2. Sent Messages

3. INBOX_Trash


Eh. No biggie. Thanks for your help earlier though. Feeling much better now.




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Just setting up my iPhone for an IMAP account allows me to SEE the sub-folders (Draft, Sent, MyCreatedFolders, etc.). However I can't view the email contents of ANY of these folders, including when I enter 'INBOX' as the IMAP Path Prefix. Anyone able to view the emails in subfolders of an IMAP account using the iPhone?

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