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Wordpress 2.2.1 Released


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This is a security release.


Read more / Get it at http://wordpress.org/development/2007/06/wordpress-221/


Well drats...just did the upgrade and now the formating is all messed up...has a bunch of weird A thingys?


http://www.dabsy.net/knits I tried other themes and they are messed up too.



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The version of Wordpress in Fantastico is not the latest. Hopefully you have a backup of your site and database that you can restore and then download the update from the Wordpress site and follow their upgrade instructions.


Well I got a nag email from TCH so thought I better do it or else :)


Received: from server120.tchmachines.com ([])


Subject: Fantastico De Luxe Outdated Installations Notification for dabsy.net

X-Originating-IP: []

To: @verizon.net

Reply-to: @verizon.net

Message-id: <7c609f04d5cbcce24b63d0c722a851b8@localhost.localdomain>

MIME-version: 1.0



I was able to edit out the offensive A's by hand......not much content so was easy.

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There have been a lot of releases lately. It's good to see that the WP folks stay on top of the security issues. :)


Yeah, but I'm maintaining quite a few blogs, and without some kind of automated upgrade, it's kindofa pain. Hope they address that soon (or Fantastico keeps up a little better).

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