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Safari (for Windows!)


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You should be aware that Apple recently released Safari for Windows.


As a website developer you should be aware of this for a couple of reasons: First, most of us like to test our sites in as many browsers on as many platforms as possible to ensure that the users of our sites have a consistent experience, regardless of the browser they choose. This gives you one more browser/platform combination to add to your mix. Second, this should give the Windows-only crowd a sense of what many (most?) mac users are going to see when they look at your site. While the platform is different (Mac vs. Windows) you can still get a feeling for what your Safari users are seeing with your site.


If you aren't an IE fan (I'm not; generally I prefer Firefox) you might want to take a look at Safari. The Apple people claim that Safari is the fastest browser, so you might be interested in trying it out for a test spin.


Personally, I'll probably continue to use Firefox as my main browser, but use Safari for other limited uses. (I've read the Safari has tabbed browsing, but I haven't found it yet [i'm a 'leave at least one tab on screen no matter what' kind of person with Firefox] --- oh, there it is).





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I read this yesterday on Engadget so downloaded it. Yes it's fast but it's font smoothing sucks. Also I'd say it's more alpha than beta. I didn't find it faster than my Firefox. A lot of people have reported crashes or bugs but thats probably due to Mac coders not being used to coding for computers that can have an almost unlimited variety of set ups.


Oh and 6 exploits have already been found for it but then who's going to put an exploit on their site that only catches 0.001% of web users?


If you want a freaky browser take a look at spacetime.com. Talk about resource heavy.


Oh and whilst Safari's inline search is fancy it's bugged as the overlay it generates does not scroll with the windows contents.

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I downloaded it and it looks quite blurry on my monitor compared to IE and Firefox, after seeing it had been out for only 12hrs and exploits were already happening, decided not to use it, although they have released an update to fix the exploits which compared to Micro$oft is miles ahead of their updates. Still prefer Firefox or Maxthon, very fast and easy to use.

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