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Inktomi... Pay Or Not Pay


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Inktomi seems to be a major contender or at least an important factor when considering search engine optimization of a web site.


My questions... has anyone paid inktomi and did you find that it was worth it? Does inktomi only visit the urls you pay them for? Or do they follow links within your site?


My personal experience is that Googlebot has been looking at several thousand of my pages every month but Inktomi only looks at about a hundred (it's a big site). So I'm looking for a way to get Inktomi more active.


It would seem that since Inktomi knows where I am, paying would be a waste... but I'm not at all sure.

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If you are serious about obtaining top rankings (and you are using a competitive phrase) then I would recommend paying for submission to Fast, Inktomi and Yahoo. However, I do not recommend this until a site is properly optimized. This would be putting the cart before the horse.


The proper sequence of events:


Keyword phrase(s) analysis

Meta tags

Page layout

Body text

Page tags

Link Structure

Then, search engine submission.

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