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Question On Moving Smf Forum


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Hey gang, I've got a question and I hope you can help me think through this.


I have an SMF forum set up on a subdomain (on a domain that is on a reseller account)


I've decided to buy the forum it's own domain (will still be on the reseller account) and I want to move the SMF forum to it.


I'm trying to think of the best steps to keep everything set up as it is now. I've added some mods and customized some things, so I'd like to move it as is.


Any suggestions on the best way to do this without creating a big ol' mess? :)

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I am no expert on SMF, but you should probably only need to


1) Backup the forum folder


2) Backup the database


3 Upload the content of the forum folder to where you want it


4) Have the helpdesk restore the database


5) Make the needed changes (db paths etc) in settings and reupload it


6) Or you could ask the helpdesk to simply move it (I think)

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Wouldn't think it would be too hard. Just like moving any other PHP/SQL application like a blog.


I would get the help desk to import the database.


Of course you can do as Thomas mentioned and ask the help desk if they can move the subdomain to a new domain for you. Don't know if that's possible but it may be and would be quicker.

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