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Problems With Text


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Hi everybody!


First of all thanks to all of you for the help you have given me in other occasions.


Well...could anybody tell me why in the text pages of this site the text start at different heights? I mean in this page it starts about three inches from the top limit of the square table:




But in this other it starts much higher:




Why is that? I posted this message months ago but I couldn´t get any satisfactory answer. Now I am back again working in this site and have found the problem once again.


I would really welcome any help.


Thanks a lot,



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Looking at the source code of the two pages, it seems that your CSS is the same for both pages.


The only difference I can see is that on the "theartist.html" page, your paragraph's align attribute is set to "left", while on the "thetechnique.html" page, your paragraph's align attribute is set to "justify".


I don't know why this would make a difference, but you might try making them both identical so that there are fewer variables when comparing the two.


Since you are using CSS, you might try adding your code for aligning to the CSS style sheet, instead of having an align attribute set in the <p> tag. Keeping all formatting in the same location simplifies the error detection/correction process.


Also, it appears you are using tables. I think that your problem is actually in that content in tables is normally vertically aligned to the center of the table row. You want to change the align attribute to "top" so that the text is always aligned to the top of the table (or you can have the same number of rows of content, which would make all the pages look like they have the same vertical starting point.


The more I think about it, the more I think you want to change the "valign" attribute to "top" for your table cell (I think you actually set the attribute in the <th> or <td> attribute).


So I'd change this line:

><td><p align="left"  class="Estilo3 Estilo2"><strong>THE ARTIST</strong></p>


to this:


><td valign="top"><p align="left"  class="Estilo3 Estilo2"><strong>THE ARTIST</strong></p>


I'd repeat that change across all pages that use this same layout. Then I'd publish the site and see if that made the difference you are hoping for.


Hope this helps.

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