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Wp 2.2 - Dashboard "body" Missing


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Time for my latest error issue. I jumped right in and upgraded to 2.2 (I know, with great new software comes great new bugs). I followed the upgrade instructions, backed up, and kept the files like the instructions said. So far, all plugins seem to be working and all functionality is there.


I do have 2 issues (probably related): The main body section under "Dashboard" is blank. There aren't the usual links to "Write a post", etc. The functionality is there if I go to "Write", but the body is missing.


Also, after "Incoming Links" and "Comments" in the box to the right, I get this error: Fatal error: Call to undefined function: get_private_posts_cap_sql() in /home/*******/public_html/blog/wp-admin/index.php on line 64


If you guys can point me in the right direction, I'm more than willing to listen. Google and WP-forums aren't helpful yet, and you guys usually are helpful. I'll keep looking, but I'm betting y'all will get me before I find it myself. :P

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Sorry Dan, haven't upgraded yet. I usually wait a few days before I do. Sounds like not all the files overwrote properly possibly.


Did you delete any files before uploading the new version? I always remove the files first and then upload the new ones. I do not overwrite.

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Yeah, I deleted everything like the instructions said, and kept wp-config, index.php, etc. like WP said to do.


I mean, this isn't an emergency since it is working fine, I just miss my Dashboard page. I could live without it, but would rather have it working properly. Perhaps I should have overwritten something and I didn't.


I'll keep trudging along and googling until something comes up. If you hear something, let me know.

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I agree that sounds like a missing or incomplete file. get_private_posts_cap_sql() is part of wp-includes/post.php and is new to 2.2.



So, try re-uploading wp-includes you think? I've got a complete backup of the /blog, so I'm not scared about screwing up too much.

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*tear* I love you guys.


Simple solutions, fast help, friendly faces (except Bruce :P )


We need to have a TCH party so I can buy you guys a pop, or something.

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