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Should I Be Worried About These?

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I believe that these are just some script adding this junk to any form with a submit button but is there anything else that I should be worried about? I edited the links so they wouldn't show here obviously. These forms are what I use so my potential clients can submit their information to me in order to start the application process. Somedays I will get 20 or so junk submissions like the one below mixed in with all the others. Is there any way that this could work and show up on my site or gain access to it. Or is it just trying just in case I would post my submissions. LOL... who would do that?


Thanks in advance for anyones advice and/or expertise in this area.



This is what one of the junk emails looks like. It comes from a php script on my website that sends the form to my email.::


First name: jmxfzx

Last name: jmxfzx

Home phone number: http://1125-pipi-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxcerc-sv.info/

Work phone number:

mobile phone number:

Address: wwgwlf@tsrg.fct


State: Maryland

Zip code:

Email: wwgwlf@tsrg.fct

Best time to reach you: Morning - at Home

How did you find us: MSN

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This is normal behavior if you have submission forms on your site. They are trying to find a vulnerability to see if they can send spam through your scripts. Just be sure the forms are secure and put up with the occasional attempts.

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I'd agree with Bruce, but I would double check the security of your form, because if you were doing full checking on all variables, then you wouldn't expect these to be getting through to you.

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