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I'm Getting Bored With My Website


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My website has an MT blog front end, a phpBB forum and a bunch of static pages of different stuff.


Half the fun is setting things up and getting them to run the way you want and I've got nothing to set up right now, so I'm missing half the fun. I even started another website using WP and then almost instantly abandoned it, realizing I had no time to add posts but, once again, just enjoyed setting it up.


I've got pictures on Flickr and am in the process of uploading 50+Gigs of private archives, so I'm not interested in a photo gallery addition.


I've got no use for most of the chat like additions that might appeal to the hipper youth. I've thought about setting up my own server with a spare computer, but that's a little outside my comfort zone. I've gone though the Fantastico menu and nothing appeals to me.


Any ideas? What can I work on adding to my site that would be fun and cool and semi-useful? Alternatively, what have you all set up on your domains?

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First question I would ask myself is "Who is the website for?".


Is it commercial, personal/family, non-profit...then I would think about what features it should have.


No matter who your visitors are, do they want/need all of these features that look cool or interesting but might not be necessary?


Sometimes, the more features, the less easier to find what you want = less appealing.

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Thomas, good points. I should have provided that information since it wasn't clear.


My site is a personal family site whose purpose is anything I want it to be, but which has become:


1) update family and friends about my two sons

2) a place for me to vent about things

3) a forum for all people with my same surname

4) a place for me to play around and have fun


And, an example of things I like to do, last night I spent 2+ hours adding a "Most Commented" posts section to my MT blog's sidebar. Now, anyone with any programming skills and familiarity with MT could probably have done it in 5 minutes, but I'm not that bright and got over 2 hourse of enjoyment out of it. However, I'm running out of stuff like that to do.


For what it's worth, I do have a few extra related domain names, surname.net, surname.us and surname.biz and aren't doing anything with them.


The one project I am thinking of, but which is a huge project for for me, is getting Microsoft's Expression Web and converting everything over from FrontPage to EW using style sheets. Right now, if I want to make a change in format to my 30 or so back end pages, I have to change each, one at a time. I suppose I'll have to do that, if I can't find a smaller task which interests me.

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It sounds like you might enjoy learning HTML and CSS which is not hard.

Then you can create web sites with a simple html editor like notetab.com has.

It can be a lot of fun creating a site from scratch and see it develop while you learn new things.

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It sounds like you might enjoy learning HTML and CSS...

In this case, the sound is deceiving, I've no desire to learn more HTML/CSS. Actually, if I won the lottery and could quit my job, I might put it on my list of things to do. Until then, no thanks.


A cost benefit analysis of the time and effort I would expend learning such would not be sufficiently offset by the instances I could use such a skill...in my opinion solely as it relates to myself.

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